Monday, July 25, 2011

Something to be Proud of

[I pledge allegiance to this flag and if that bothers you, well that's too bad. -Aaron Tippin]
I spent the weekend in Raleigh, thanks to B who surprised me with Toby Keith tickets a few months back. 
Toby Keith is one of my favorite artist because of his loyalty to this country. He uses his talent and fame to show support and shine light onto the United States Military. My friends always (lovingly) tease me for being so patriotic (I mean, I was the Statue of Liberty for Halloween). The other evening Toby Kieth took the words right out of my mouth, "Never apologize for being patriotic." I never have, which I know is the main reason I was gifted tickets to the concert in the first place. Before me, B didn't listen to much country music, but he learned early into our relationship that any time Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue comes on in my car, you will proudly sing every line of the song. I am so proud that my parents raised me to have respect and pride in this country, so proud I date a military man, so proud to have friends in the military and friends who are military spouses, so proud that so many of you all have accepted me in this community, so proud to be an American. I wouldn't want it any other way. 

 [Oh you noticed we're all wearing Red, White and Blue? Everyone we went with knew my rules when they bought their tickets.]

It was a great weekend, I love him more every day, he sure does make saying goodbye harder each time.
PS. We weren't the only ones repin' the red, white and blue.
Love it!


  1. I love all y'alls red, white & blue! You guys make such a beautiful couple! I love Toby Keith as well. He's always been one of my favorites. It looks like you had such a fun weekend! :)

  2. YAY! for being patriotic! I love this country more than anyone I know. Thank you and your BF for your service. Though you are not on the frontline, I consider all military wives, girlfriends, and families to be serving as well. I grew up in Beaufort, SC and know full well the sacrifices of military families.

  3. Sounds like fun! And oh how I miss Raleigh, well...just North Carolina, period! Glad you guys had a great time, I love me some Toby Keith :)

  4. How fun! I love the outfits :)

  5. Yeah for the red, white and blue! My husband is South African, and I have totally turned him onto country music; he LOVES it and the atmosphere at the concerts (and he just got his green card!). We even celebrated his 35th birthday at Jason Aldean, and we are going to Toby when he comes down here.

    And thank to you and your boyfriend's service!!!! (

  6. Very cool! I want to go to a country concert SO badly!

  7. woohoo!! how fun! i love concerts! and yea for being patriotic, i don't like that so many people are so sinical now a days and that being patriotic is somehow seen as a bad thing?? whatever, no way! anyone who hears the national anthem and doesn't get goosebumps or teary-eyed shouldn't live in this country then, cuz it's an amazing honor to live in a free country as we do!! You guys looked so cute, would u please get engaged already so we can all watch you plan ur wedding?? ;D

  8. Love love love! Love the outfits, love country, and love being patriotic! :)

  9. love it! it looks like so much fun. i want to have some summertime fun!

  10. So much fun, at home in AZ we have one of his bars, so cool!

  11. Yes! I love T.K. for not only his songs and his power to put on one helluva concert but because of how supportive he is of our men and women fighting for our country. He’s one of the most spirited Americans ever and I just love him for it!

  12. Such an adorable couple, night out (and outfit on you)! I recently stumbled across your blog...I'm also an Army girlfriend living out of DC and I simply can't resist your style (for life in general). Good luck with everything!

  13. LOVE this! My dad was at Pearl Harbor when it was bombed (boy, did he have a story to tell) and was a member of The Pearl Harbor Survivors Association.

    He used to give speeches at local schools and was interviewed on t.v. and for papers. He used to give speeches with a Japanese friend and I loved that each did their duty for their country that day but now could be friends!

    We would bring our kids to hear him talk and we'd bring them to watch him march in the parades.

    One time, we were at a parade (my dad wasn't matching) and a bunch of vets marched by. We were the only ones who stood up and clapped for them.

    All the people around us just sat down and pretty much ignored them, no clapping.

    My son noticed we were the only ones standing and clapping and so he said "Mommy, why are we clapping?"

    I explained that these men were war veterans and that we were clapping out of respect and as a way of saying thank you for fighting in a war so that we could enjoy the freedom we have today.

    The man sitting next to me overheard me, and he got up and began clapping and made the people with him do it too. Pretty soon, all the people around did the same.

    Sometimes all it takes is one person to remind people to be thankful. Thank you for doing that today and every day!