Thursday, June 23, 2011

out on the town

Can you guess where I am at now? Greenville, North Carolina (Home of East Carolina University). Can someone please put my tush on the Travel channel, I would embrace this lifestyle with open arms. I am only here for a short visit, but since I was in the town of my mother and aunt's Alma Mater, I stopped by a bar they used to hangout at when they were college students, Pantana Bob's (BP's). You know the moment you get when you are walking on a historic landmark? That's kind of what it felt like being at this bar, knowing it's where my mom used go when she was my age, well younger since the drinking age was 18. 
Did I mention that the drink special was free draft beers after the $5 cover charge. I kind of thought it was a joke, but hearing all the different drink specials throughout the town, I am convinced that Greenville has the best. I am also convinced that I was one of the oldest people in this bar...
Isn't it fun to watch people interact with one another when you're out? It must be the Communication Studies major in me because it drives my boyfriend crazy. If you're ever in G-Vegas, make sure you have dinner at Chico's and eat outside. 


  1. so fun. we love people watching, it's so entertaining!

  2. Um, free beers!? I don't even LIKE beer but hell, I'd drink it if they were free! Sounds like you had a blast!