Thursday, May 05, 2011

I'd Rather Be With You

"I need to be bold, need to jump in the cold water, need to grow old with a girl like you" 
I selected this song for a number of reasons:
The video showcases the movie The Wedding Date that I just so happened to watch last night. It's probably one of my favorite movies ever and I watch it anytime I need a good love story. That and because I want to visit London, and not so I can stalk Prince Harry, okay maybe a little bit. I mean hello....
Also, this song is one of my favorite summer songs to listen to while I am laying out at the pool. It's such an upbeat tune and just reminds us how playful love is.

Seriously, is there anything better than love...
For the long version and the original video go here.
Link up with Goodnight Moon for some music fun!


  1. A favorite Movie for me as well-Love the song.

  2. Ok, that movie is hysterical and always puts me in a good mood! :) I love this song, and I especially love the picture at the top! Fabulous choice as always my dear! xoxo

  3. Awesome movie and song! Great pick!

  4. OMG I have been in lust with Prince Harry for EVER! My husband says I am never to go anywhere near him because he's not sure I could control myself lol.

  5. That's such a great song, and a great movie :)
    I found you through Goodnight Moon's Link Up. I just started following your blog, because I love all things southern :) (I'm 100% Texan and wouldn't have it any other way!)

    I'd love it if you stopped by my blog sometime -


  6. Great song! And I agree, I need to visit London ASAP. I have always been a nerd when it comes to monarch history, but since the Royal Wedding, it has been enhanced! I need to see all of London.

  7. What a sweet song :) Thanks for sharing!

  8. OMG this is amazing. love this song (and the movie of course!)