Friday, May 13, 2011

the graduation gift

I am officially graduating TOMORROW and I am finally accepting it and excited to spend the weekend with my family and friends. I was psyched out for a weeks, but I am feeling ready. I decorated my graduation cap in true American pride + girly spirit. 
 (family look for this cap in the sea of graduates)
I also received an email earlier this week from my aunt that took me into an entire evening of reminiscing over old memories. 
Jordan Lee,
To a special little girl, silly-ville watcher (Big rock candy mountain, 2 , & 3) PF Flyer wearer, slug hunter, paper cutter, list maker, stick stickly master, fishermen(girl), butter tub holder , Nickelodeon (camp anawanna, hit you in the head with a beavergreen monkeys, blue...etc...) viewer, summer movie watcher, summer song listener and singer (Buffet, Hootie, My Maria , LFO) going to the pool, shopping for the perfect outfit, shopping for the boys, shopping to shop, going to "the club" at Mimi and Dedad's, Tent city builder and on and on 
good times.... :)
Graduating from college!!wow!
Aunt Troi 

Spending the evening "youtubing" all of the memories my aunt sent me was the best graduation present that I could ask for. It reminded me exactly why I have such a special attachment to Northern Virginia, where these memories and more were created. I am unbelievably blessed with such a fantastic life and family and I am so excited for the next step with all of them.

Next time we meet, my friends, I will be a college graduate! 


  1. What a sweet email!! Congratulations doll! Its an incredible achievement and now you get to take the world by storm!!


  2. Aww very cool eail! And I love your cap!


  3. Yay!! Congratulations! Be prepared for the weirdest summer of your life, with no fall semester on the horizon. :)

    Love your cap! What a great idea!

  4. So excited for you sweet girl! Have a wonderful graduation!

  5. Congrats Jordan from the Cashion family- wow how time has flown. The best is yet to come!

  6. Congratulations on graduation! I hope you have an amazing day!

  7. Congrats, hope you had a wonderful weekend! I graduated last weekend and it went by so fast, such a surreal experience!