Sunday, April 24, 2011

My Easter Morning

Happy Easter my sugar coated peeps! 
I worked early this morning at my internship. We had an Easter program and Easter Egg Hunt at the base. It's the first big program of our busy season and I got to coordinate the entire event. 
The kids were gone on the hunt before I could even snap a picture of them. Do you see them way into the distance?
During the Easter Egg Hunt, we hid three golden eggs, one for each age group. Each of the winners were rewarded with an Easter basket full of toys and a kite. Above are our winners!  [The boy who won in the oldest age group, let his little brother have his prize, so sweet] Aren't they all so precious? 
As for me...
My attempt to keep it chic in my Sunday best failed miserably during this event. But my supervisor said it best, "It's the Communication Major in you that likes to dress up and the Recreation Major in you that knows how to plan an event."

Now it's Easter Egg coloring, cooking dinner and snuggling up  to watch my favorite childhood Easter movie -- Peter Cottontail

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter! We are all so blessed to have this day and the love from such a selfless God. 


  1. Happy Easter! You did a fabulous job missy! So proud of you! Congrats. And that is a super cute idea with the golden easter eggs. I did the same thing this morning, but it ended in a fight because Ian claims that he saw it first, but Isabel actually picked it up first. So I told them that neither of them got it and it wasn't opened to see what the BIG surprise was inside.

  2. Happy Easter!!! Looooove your dress. I go visit it in H&M pretty often. haha. Haven't been brave enough to buy it yet! :P

  3. How fun! Looks like you did an amazing job! :) I hope you had a great Easter, and I love your shoes btw! :)

  4. Gosh baby you are so amazing , great job this morning. Your a Jack of all Trades. <3 you Happy Easter. Best dinner ever.-Ben

  5. I am loving that little girl's seahorse top and seashell shorts!!

  6. what a wonderful event!! looks like a lot of people attended and had a great time! i want to see that dress in full one day, it looks pretty!! Happy Easter to you cute girl!