Monday, April 18, 2011

Charleston Therapy

If you are friends with me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter it was no secret that I was in Charleston, South Carolina this weekend, not to mention I talked about it briefly here. I had a little bit of a rough week, feeling a little defeated about job searching and school in general, overall burnt out. Coming back over the Wilmington bridge after vacation, I said to Caitlin and Britney, "I left this city in a completely different mood and came back myself." 
...and this is why.
Retail Therapy....
Fine Dining Therapy...
Charleston RaceWeek after party therapy...
Family Therapy... 
A lot of friend therapy....
An overall Charleston Living Therapy.
Not to mention tons of loving for being the hostest with the mostest.
For more fun from our girls getaway visit Soliloquy


  1. this sounds and looks like the best weekend ever. i am dying to get to charleston one day! you look gorgeous xx

  2. love it. love you. best day ever!

  3. sounds like a great time! so glad the weather was nice for you (minus the crazy wind on saturday!)

  4. It looks like y'all had an amazing time! I wish my school was closer to Charleston so I could take mini vacations there! Hope your week is wonderful!

  5. oooh, that looks like such a perfect weekend! so glad you're feeling refreshed and back to your normal self!

  6. This makes me want to visit Charleston! Sometimes a little getaway is all you need to feel refreshed for final projects and exams.

  7. Aww looks like such a fun girls weekend! :)

  8. fun. x

    p.s. I'm having a giveaway on my blog right now for a necklace from pure jewelry if you'd like to check it out. xx

  9. so glad you are feeling back on track
    Charleston is the best place to go for therapy of anykind!

  10. you girls are just too cute! i feel like i know you both just from looking at your pictures. hope all is well ladies! xoxo

  11. ahh, spending time with friends and family always brings me back around too...or and lots of eating and shopping does the trick everytime! glad you had such a lovely weekend!!

  12. I missed that you were in Charleston! Damn.