Monday, April 25, 2011

Bridal Tea

A few days ago when I took the girls to vacation in Charleston, I took them to "my place." That place that just feels like home, the smell, the look, the memories. When my brother and I were younger and before my mom married my dad, she worked at The Charleston Place, a grand hotel in Charleston, South Carolina. 
The place where I had my first tea party, several sleepovers [due to the occasional hurricane], the place the average person marveled over, but I saw as a big fabulous house that just so happened to have shops in it like Gucci and Louis Vuitton, a spa, a spiral staircase. Not to mention, it easily compared to the White House with their Christmas trees and decorations during the holidays. [No wonder I embrace the finer things in life with such grace.]
I wanted Caitlin and Britney to catch a glimpse of why I share such a connection to this hotel. I took them to lunch at the Palmetto Cafe where we sat in the outside garden tucked into the hotel. It was at lunch that I realized this is the place that I have always dreamed of when I envision my "bridal tea."
 Depending on the time of year, it may be iced tea [with peaches, their specialty] instead of hot tea.
[My phone appearance was for keeping my mom and dad updated on my whereabouts. We like to send 6,729,443 picture texts to each other when we do things. It makes us always feel like we are together.]
[Strawberry plant behind my seat]
When you first enter this intimate area, you are greeted to the view of a beautiful bronze fountain in the center of the garden, plants and flowers covering every inch of the backdrop and sunshine beaming in from above. The service, food and presentation is's an entire experience and worth every penny.

PS. When you eat here on your next trip, do me a solid and order the Lowcountry She Crab.

This place is an absolute treat. 


  1. It looks so gorgeous there! & that is so cute with your family, me and my family do the same! Were always snapping pictures :)

    It is the perfect place for a bridal tea, so romantic looking!

  2. It looks so classy and pretty! Just like you :)

  3. Love the Charleston Place! I stayed there a few years ago and would love to go back! It was cold when we went so I feel like we kind of missed out on all those pretty flowers!

  4. Charleston Place! I have been once and I fell in love! So jealous! Love your beautiful pictures!