Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Shabby Chic Office

I received a reader request a few weeks back from a fellow blogger sharing the exciting news that she started a new job with a fabulous office. She asked if I could help give her a little office inspiration that appealed to her dark wooded desk and her overall taste. I complied a few pieces that will be the perfect touch for her space.
Having a light color pallet with lots of whites and clean lines will reflect better with sunlight and keep you alert and focused throughout your work day.
Blue Toss Pillow, Ruffle Round PillowWall shelf,  File Organizer,  PlantLamp,  Drinking Glass,  Wall ArtTerracotta FrameCandle
The white drinking glass is the perfect, cheaper alternative to a pencil holder. I currently have one in my home office and I love its simplicity on my desk. These accents against the dark wood will develop this office into an elegant shabby chic design.


  1. Pretty pretty! I use similar things to hold my pens and pencils- like decorative mugs and such!

  2. ahhhh thank you :) you are amazing my dear.

  3. I LOVE that painting..white, green and turquoise are my favorite right now :D

  4. Great ideas! I especially love that light blue picture frame!