Tuesday, February 15, 2011

lighthouse excursion

Valentine's Day on Monday has to be the best way to start a week, that and going to work only to take a lighthouse tour with your supervisor. I love lighthouses. 
We are currently in the process of creating programs for military families who stay at the base during the summer. One of the activities that will take place is a lighthouse excursion. 
We will take the ferry over to Southport where you will see two of the North Carolina Coastline's lighthouses. 
Once off the ferry, if time prevails, tour an old graveyard, old jail-house and sight see around the area.
And since my supervisor and I are great social butterflies, we have worked out special tours of the Oak Island Lighthouse for our groups all summer. 
Yesterday, we tested out the program and sorted out last minute details.
Did you know that the Oak Island Lighthouse used to be the 2nd brightest in the entire world? Also, I know I look all smiles walking down those stairs (yes, backwards), but I was shaking to pieces. I was the youngest person on the tour, with another couple my parents age, and another couple my grandparents age. Everyone with the exception of myself went down those stairs like they were firemen sliding down a pole. In my defense the older gentleman was a retired seaman. I am not afraid of heights, but afraid of falling is another story.
I had a blast and cannot wait for military families to enjoy the same experience! 


  1. I love touring light houses! That looks like it will be a ton of fun. And I would have been the SAME way on the stairs... Not because I wouldn't trust them, but I don't trust MYSELF

  2. That lighthouse looks so tall! I'm okay with heights too, but over the summer I went in a lighthouse. I hated that the stairs had gaps between them. I gripped the railing so tightly! That sounds like a fun program for families!


  3. Looks like fun and a great place for pictures!

  4. You know I'm from Southport/OKI and I have never toured the lighthouse! I need to get on that!

  5. I just love that picture of you!

  6. I have done this same thing before too and I absolutely loved it. I love ferry rides, I think they are just the coolest things - going somewhere by boat and not by car. I also love the ferry ride to bald head. I am in love with Southport though, awesome little place. How did you like it?

  7. Awesome blog baby I love you. The USAF should know they have an amazing intern. Ben