Monday, January 03, 2011

Sandy Situation

I have been in a super lovey mood lately. So you're about to get all the love dove you can handle. The day B and I met.
Sequence of events:
Sophomore year, sitting in the library completing a HUGE group research paper that will determine if I am accepted into the Communication Studies Department at UNCW or not. 
Heather (girl in picture) says, "I want to go to the beach."
Jordan thinks, I was planning on going to the beach to be anti-social and read a book, but that sounds much better. 
At the Beach.
Heather, "Hey, my boyfriend and his friend might come up for a minute after surfing." 
Jordan thinks, Excuse me what! I am wearing my ugly bathing suit (I know you all have that suit too) and I have a pimple on my chin. But Jordan says, "Ok." 
Boys walk up. Jordan thinks, Holy-Hotness with a surfboard and beautiful eyes.
We are introduced. Shake hands. Mysterious boy sits next to Heather. In the sand. 
Jordan says, "Why are you sitting in the sand? We have extra towels."
B says, "I like the sand." 
End of conversation. 
Awkward? I thought so too.
Boys have to leave because B had work at one of his many job. Lifeguard + EMT + Volunteer Firefighter + server to be exact. Life saver! Could you get any hotter?
The following months he pursued me and was patient and persistent when I said not right now.
Then he went to OCS (round 1) so we didn't talk. 
Then he sent me a picture on the 4th of July of a firework saying wish you were here. 
I melted. But still said no.  
Can you believe that? I turned HIM down. Crazy I know! 
Finally I said yes and have been with my romantic, hunk since.  
And we're all in love and stuff. 


  1. This put a smile on my face! What a cute story.

  2. I love your adorable posts!!! too cute :)

  3. seriously, you guys are like models. knock it off. ;) I think you guys are a great match, and i love that you talk about God with each other and have a great foundation in that regard, that can only help in starting a life together and for forever after. I wish i were as cute as YOU guys right now! gah!

  4. You two are seriously so adorable together! What a sweet story!

  5. what a sweet story! ..and you two are just adorable together in those pictures, you can literally see the love!!

  6. love this! so glad you are happy Jordan:)

  7. what a great story! and "ugly bathing suit"?!?!? If that is your ugly bathing suit, I want to see you cute ones! When I 1st saw the photo, I thought, "oh, I want that bathing suit!" ha ha!

  8. I love your story! Does he have a brother? haha!
    Cute title for this post!