Thursday, December 09, 2010

Holiday Sangria

Basically I'm a mixologist. 
For the Holiday Party and Gift Exchange I decided to bring Sangria and it was DELICIOUS! 
My roommates and I looked up a bunch of different recipes + talked to the lady at the ABC store + consoled in my momma and... 
a creation was born!
Add two bottles of wine (or one mega bottle)
 1 1/2 Cup of Spiced Rum
 1 Orange, 1 Tangerine, 1 Granny Smith Apple 
 We cut the oranges into wheels for visual appeal.
 1 Pomegranate, a pack of Blackberries and Raspberries. 
Don't be intimidated by the pomegranate. 
What I do is cut the pomegranate into 4 pieces then start pulling out the seeds and placing them into a bowl, if you get some of the white insides in the bowl it's fine. Then fill the bowl up with water and the white stuff floats up to the top. Pick it out and drain the water. 

 Let soak at room temperature for an hour, then place it in the refrigerator for at least 2 hours, the longer the fruit soaks the better.  
 5 hours later. Add a bottle of Ginger Ale.
 It was a hit!
Watch out Martha Stewart.


  1. this looks delish! i'm not a drinker, but that's my kind of drink..if i did drink. wtc, i sound drunk. ;p

  2. Thanks for sharing this! Making sangria is on my 101 list, so thanks for doing the research for me :)

  3. After the week I've had I could use some of your mixologist skills. This looks great!!


  4. Trade the spice rum for brandy and it is even better!

  5. That's what I was going to originally do and the lady at the ABC store talked me out of it! Well another reason to re-make it :)

  6. Oh man, this look delicious....I love a good sangria recipe. I'll have to make this and bring it to my secret santa!

  7. I love sangria and yours looks so tasty! The colors are so rich and it looks like a great drink to serve at a holiday party. Will have to try it soon. Happy holidays!