Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Five Minutes

I have loaded up my car and I'm about to head back to Wilmington. Is it just me or when you visit your parents, you come back with 3 times more stuff than you left with? I am excited to celebrate Christmas with my sweetie get everything organized for the new year and my last semester in college! 

I found this great mini-chores list for when you have 5 minutes in Real Simple Magazine that will give you that slight feeling of accomplishment during your downtime. I picked my favorite ones + added a few of my own. These are dainty tasks that with help you feel immediately decluttered. 
  1. Check your voicemail
  2. Redirect random files onto your computer to the correct folders
  3. Organize your closet by color 
  4. Water the plants and wipe any dusty leaves with a damp paper towel
  5. Get rid of old items in the refrigerator
  6. Untangle a necklace
  7. Test pens and markers, toss the dead ones 
  8. Arrange your hangers to face the same way
  9. Put away those items wedged in the corner
  10. Remove gum wrappers, receipts, and ATM slips from your purse
  11. Throw away any old lotions, sunscreens and other items in your bathroom
  12. Write thank-you notes
  13. Create guest basket (lotions, shampoo + conditioner, bath salts)
  14. Download pictures off your digital camera
  15. Paint your nails
  16. Empty the wastebaskets around the house
  17. Call your dad
  18. Organize your underwear drawer and throw any old ones away 
  19. Transfer dates from invitations, school and community flyer into your calender
  20. Answer your emails 
Simply writing this list makes me already feel more organized.


  1. Great list! I love Real Simple Magazine and I need some cleaning and organizing after the holidays. Drive safe!

  2. new follower! :) I really enjoy making lists too! Makes me feel accomplished and neat..though I don't always follow the lists.

    But I'm completely with you with cleaning out receipts, papers, etc from my purse...that really annoys me!

    I've never heard of Real Simple Magazine so thank you for sharing!!

    xoxo Hope you had a great holiday!

  3. I loved that and the meal planner/groecry organizing tool! My main goal of 2011 is to be more organized and get our house in ship shape! This magazine is a godsend for me!

  4. Great list! I always feel so stressed if everything isn't organized! Have a safe trip back to Wilmington!

  5. So true! Cleaning out my purse makes watching TV feel SO productive! ;)

  6. Seriously awesome. Most of these I thought to myself, "Oh I need to do that and that and that!" Ha ha thanks!

  7. Cleaning out receipts from my purse is my down fall. I'm going to do that today! Thank you!