Monday, December 06, 2010

Festive Weekend Recap

We had a busy little weekend.
Elf Day
Elves eat Cookout Trays
 The driver of the day, yours truly. 
Santa asked us to pick up a few things at the mall. 
Starbucks pit stop, Christmas cups of course. 
 Elves cook for Christmas parties.
Elves wrap presents
Holiday Party and Gift Exchange 
 Roommate Shot.
Secret Santa
Britney had me.
 I had Maegan.
 Opening present FAIL. 
Our lovely friend Katie ripped open her present and out flew an ornament. That then broke. Reactions shown in this picture. 
My Birthday Celebration
The wind up....
Hello smoke.
Holiday Funfetti Cake, my favorite.
 Present time...again. Can we say spoiled?
 A few of my goodies
Heading out to dinner then the beach bars to meet up with friends.
22, a life changing year to come.


  1. Why are you so adorable ALL the time!!!!!! Seriously....your adorable! I absolutely LOVE your hair cut!!! Looks like you had a great party!!!!

  2. What fun pictures! I just LOVE your's too cute!

  3. fun fun weekend with my best friend. love you so so much and hope 22 is the best year ever. xoxo

  4. love all your outfits, is that weird to say? haha, cutie hair and headbands! glad you had such a great weekend and have such wonderful girlie friends!!!

  5. Girls, I love all your outfits! :) Looks like you all had loads of fun!

    Just Better Together

  6. Happy birthday! 22 is a great year - enjoy every minute of it!

  7. you make me smile. Love the post

  8. Looks so fun:)

    I love your black high waisted skirt


  9. Looks like so much fun, and I looovveee your new hair! You look simply gorgeous! :)

  10. Oh I haven't stopped by in a while so I must say. I LOVEEEEE your new haircut! and your very festival weekend <3

  11. You look so flawless and chic ALL the time! Happy Birthday love!

  12. Your new haircut looks so great! I love how you and your roommates dress... so stylish! Happy belated Birthday. :-)

  13. Your hair looks AWESOME!! Very cool. Glad you took the plunge and got the cut!