Tuesday, December 07, 2010

feeding the geese.

Sunday afternoon, my love and I went to the park, sat on the bench in front of the water, enjoyed the cold, crisp air and regrouped little bit. 
After we talked a little, we fed the ducks and geese who were getting a little too close for comfort so we stood on the ledge where they couldn't attack. One even snapped at B's shoe when we first sat down on the benches.
I love feeding ducks. They are so cute when they waddle. 
I do not feed the mean geese that are greedy and fight and squawk at the other geese. It's something I have done since I was young. But then the geese move around and I loose track so they all eventually get bread. 
Does anyone else do that?
This was B, post having his shoe chomped on and the reason for his scarf looking a little crazy is that his head was cold. 
This was such a fun little date. 
Starbucks Coffees: $5 and Bread: $.99 
Cheap too. 


  1. These pics are so cute! I love ducks.. their quacks are adoreable and yes the waddle is cute, too.. When I lived with my parents in NY we had a little river behind our house and there were otters and ducks and stuff.. I loved it!

    PS- I would love a giveaway : )

  2. Im terrified of all birds, ducks and geese included. Ask my husband. If i see birds on the beach I will get up and leave until they do. Its a bit ridiculous sometimes. Kylie has learned to scare the birds away for Mommy now!

  3. The geese by my husband's office are causing some traffic problems. There was quite a back up this morning as they were e.v.e.r.y.wh.e.r.e. I think they're fun to look at, but don't like being near them. Cause geese can be mean. Super cute date!

  4. This is such a cute idea for a date! I haven't fed geese or ducks in ages!