Sunday, November 28, 2010

O' Christmas Tree

This year I got my very first Christmas Tree for my apartment!
(thanks to my mommy)
The second I got home I couldn't resist.
I turned the entire night into a Christmas celebration. 
My poor boyfriend. He can be so patient. I cooked dinner, we decorated, watched Home Alone 1-3, and had mint chocolate-chip cookies and milk for dessert. 
I cannot wait for my roommates to see our holiday renovations. If there is anyone who is obsessed with Christmas as much as I am, it would be them! 
"Bring ornaments yall, our Charlie Brown tree needs some love!"
I even was able to steal a few kisses from my mistletoe mate.
In the midst of cooking dinner and doing B's laundry he sneaked a little early Christmas goodie under the tree for me. 

Remember this post? Oh I love it! 
Are your trees up yet?


  1. Where'd you get your mistletoe from? I love it!

  2. I think I just bought the same tree! Yours looks so pretty! Mine is kind of a mishmash of ornaments!

  3. I love Anne Taintor products. I think my favorite saying of hers is: "I feel a sin coming on".

    We put our tree up yesterday, too.

  4. I love Christmas!!!! Decorations make me happy:)