Sunday, October 17, 2010

día de las calabazas

This weekend my hunny and I wanted to carve pumpkins so  made an entire day out of it. 
...there were so many to choose from. 
Poor thing!
He found the "sick" reject pumpkins and HAD to have one.
And when I get those puppy dog eyes from him, I can't say no.
Of course it couldn't truly be a pumpkin day without orange attire?
with our purchases!
Once we got home, we warmed up the oven, turned on the stove and got to cooking. 
 I made the pumpkin scones that Natalia got me and made an icing to go on top.
So delicious.  
We also made hot toddies. 
After scary movies and carving pumpkins, I toasted pumpkin seeds from Mrs. Muffin's recipe.
Instead of cinnamon, I used brown sugar, due to lack of ingredients. 
(that's what happens when you have pumpkin day at a boys house)
It tasted like kettle popcorn pumpkin seeds. Yum.
We carved a ghost emerging from a grave and an EGA (eagle, globe, and anchor).
Not to shabby for our first time. 


  1. What a fun day! I love the orange shirts :)

  2. Fun times!! I love the ghost one. Very nice.

  3. Not too shabby?! That's awesome!! We don't carve our pumpkins, we paint them. That's our level of laziness:)

  4. Beautiful pumpkins! You should come over to my blog and link up to the "carve-n-blog" :)

  5. Oh....that is so sweet that Ben had to get a sick pumpkin! It's like he picked the Rudolph's of the pumpkins. Actually, Isabel does the same thing every year. She feels sad for the pumpkins that don't get picked, so she has to bring one home and make it feel better.

    Love your EGA carving! That is awesome!!!! I'm going to have to try that recipe too! Everyone has said it is awesome!