Sunday, September 12, 2010

Unexpected Surprises

Don't you just love when you have an unexpected fun day? 
I worked yesterday from 2pm-12am, but my morning consisted of an entire day of fun. 
My sweetie and I were invited on a double breakfast date with Britney and Adam and went downtown for breakfast at the Dixie Grill, which I had never been to. 
The wait of course was 50 minutes for a Saturday, but I was determined to eat at this we were waiting. 
Luckily, Wilmington was having an art festival this weekend, so we strolled around Front Street while waiting to be seated.  
Everything was so lively, all the shops were open, creative artwork everywhere. 
It was such a fantastic surprise. 
But during our little adventure, we lost B and couldn't find him anywhere for about 15 minutes...
I start freaking out. 
Clearly I have been watching too many episodes of Criminal Minds. 
Where could he have been?
In a flower shop being Mr. Incredible as always. 
Aren't they just darling?
Time was running out and we had to be back at the Dixie Grill. 
One of the most delicious breakfast meals I had in a while.
Mimosas and Bloody Mary's added to the fabulousness of the morning as well. 
Unfortunately our morning had to end early due to work. 
But it was fun while it lasted.


  1. what a fun morning! your bf is such a sweetie!

    Have you ever eaten at Eddie Romanelli's? I have been to Wilmington twice when my brother was stationed at Bragg and we ate there on both trips because it was soo good!

  2. How fun! And Ben is so sweet for getting you flowers! :)

  3. What a fun Saturday y'all had! And how sweet of your man to buy those flowers?! Too cute :)

  4. I wanted to email you but couldn't find your email on here! - Thank you so much for your kind comment! :) - and also allowing me to find your blog! <3 looking forward to following along!



    p.s. you should really pop up into my life soon. lol.

  6. I loved that post secret about the relationship! Today the hubs and I had a long discussion- he had never heard of post secrets!

  7. How sweet of him to get you those flowers! They're beautiful.

    And I love that post secret about the relationship, too! I feel the same way, and hope everyone feels that way about their own relationships. Wouldn't the world be a little better place if we all made our relationships with others as good as we thought they could possibly get?