Friday, August 06, 2010

coastal buddies

This afternoon I took a little cruise from Wilmington to Swansboro to meet up with some amazing friends for lunch at the Ice House.
It really is such a blessing to have the opportunity to meet military wives through this blogging community. 
How lucky and I to live so close to bases and get a small glimpse of what it's like to be with someone who is in the military.
I've heard it all.
The good, the great, the bad, and the ugly. 
I solely believe the good outweighs the bad. 
Tomorrow, our dear friend Reina 
is moving. 
I have only met Reina twice, but the bonds I have seen with people in the military are so unique.
You don't know the amount of time you will have with someone and in the military you so often are faced with that fact with all forms of seperation. 
From the beginning you allow yourself to open up whole heartedly, you become a family. 

Is it me or are we looking somewhat twinish in this picture Nicole?
Nicole by the way one of the coolest people I know...just ask her about how life brought her to North Carolina. 
Do we really look like we have only meet twice?
Remember this post? 
yeah probably because I has about 2 followers then. 
Anyways, I basically confessed my love for Amber.
Here she is, yay, and just as awesome and genuine in person. 

The day was beautiful, the girls were fabulous, and the afternoon was perfect! 

Later that evening...
 I met that beautiful boy of mine at his place after he got off work and found this at the front door. 
My new fancy agenda!
Best Day Everrrrr?
I thought so.
Time to cuddle with this hunk
gotta run!


  1. That looks like you had so much fun. I was there like 2 days ago. Darn I didn't think to meet up or anything. oh well maybe when I'm passing through another time. Cute agenda!

  2. You're about the happiest person I read in blog-land! I love your posts.

  3. Such a great day! We need to make plans sooooon! :)

  4. So much fun and super cute agenda! I am the same way everything has to be written down or it doesn't count in my life it seems. It's awesome that you got to make these ladeis real life friends and its so great to see ya'll having so much fun together!

  5. Sounds like you had a wonderful day.

  6. Ben needs to be VERY careful! I just might take you away from him.....I might come and kidnap you next time I'm in Wilmington. I loved meeting you in REAL life...even though your basically my sister. Love you Jordan!

  7. How absolutely fabulous! You are all so beautiful :)