Saturday, August 07, 2010

Just as Free...

I am itching for an adventure. 
I get this way sometimes when I feel like, 
life is getting repetitive.
I just need to go somewhere.
soak in nature.
the sun. 
stretch my arms out.
and spin.  
Sometimes I need that reminder of feeling Freedom.
Free as we'll ever be. 


  1. Come be free with me in Virginia Beach!! :) lol

  2. I have just the place for you! You may want to wait until you are married to the military though so you can take a free flight here! ; )
    I hope you are enjoying your weekend!

  3. I know the feeling! Hope you get to get away soon!

  4. your posts are always soothing and inspirational :)

  5. These photos are so lovely. And I know exactly what you're saying about this feeling. My mom can always tell when I start getting it too. I don't know if it is because I start incessantly looking up flights on or I peruse the luggage section of every store I enter, but she can always tell when I start getting restless. Spring Break? :)

  6. i totally feel that way..alot, sometimes i want to take the kids, most of the time i want a feeling of freedom for ME!! ;) Hope you can get away, for those of us that can't, spin around hard!!

  7. I get that way too, but I don't know where to just go in NC. In NY I used to always to go this hiking spot. I'd take my dog and go hike for a few hours. It was so relaxing. I need a place like that in NC. Any suggestions?

  8. I love this post!!! Its SO refreshing!!!

    new to the blog!! love ti

  9. I'm so with you here and I'm up in new york for a few weeks yet i'm still in this funk.