Sunday, June 20, 2010

Running Low?

A new magazine I have become quite attached to is REAL SIMPLE
No I didn't go buy it this time, Karen, a family friend gave it to me to read.
It's such an uplifting, feel good about your life, stay positive, stop worrying kind of magazine. 
I was at the pool today with my family and my best friend (who just got back from a mission trip to the Dominican).
Yes, my best friend and boyfriend deserted me this summer... meanies! 
But they are off serving God's purpose and I am grateful to be surrounded by people like that.
But she's back now and at the pool with me. So we're flipping through magazine's and with every turn of the page, I am loving REAL SIMPLE more and more. 
I read an article on 25 Easy Instant Energy Boosters. 
Here are my favorite 13 Energy Boosters of the 25...

1. Tackle a Dreary, Do-I-Have-to-Get-Out-of-Bed Day With a Burst of Color. “By surrounding yourself with bright colors—something as simple as an orange bathrobe or a yellow umbrella—you can give yourself that needed energy boost to face the day.” 
2. Rise and Seek Sunshine. “If you can go outside within 15 minutes of waking for 20 minutes and face east, even on a cloudy day, you’ll get enough light to energize yourself for the day.”
3. End Your Shower With a Burst of Cold Water.
4. Get the Giggles. “After a good laugh, you experience a momentary surge of energy, which—in addition to reducing stress and boosting immunity—can help your body regenerate more healthful cells over time.” 
5. Get a Whiff of Citrus.The smells of oranges, lemons, and grapefruits have been shown to be energizing, so simply add a slice or two of your favorite to a glass of water.
6. Pull Your Hair.“If you gently take handfuls of hair and pull the skin away from your scalp to get blood flowing to that area of the head, you can relieve a lot of potentially tiring tension.”
7. Exhale. Simply lie in bed for two extra minutes in the morning and focus on taking deep breaths, since “many of our toxins are expelled by breathing.” 
8. Be Nice to a Stranger. 
9. Pop a Peppermint.
10. Sit Up Straight.
11. Fill a Vase With Fresh Flowers.
12. Forgive and Forget. “Your energy is depleted because you’re giving it away to the person you’re resenting. Even if the forgiveness is internal but unacknowledged."
13. Write a Thank-You Note.

Next time your running low, fill up your tank with these tips!
For all 25 of the Energy Boosting Tips check out the website


  1. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Real Simple! It was the first magazine I ever had a full fledge subscription to!

  2. I love Real Simple too! :D I had a subscriptions to it for a while! Oh and Orange is my favorite color, just in case you were curious. lol :D

  3. I love the Real Simple magazine! I have the newest one but I haven't had a chance to look through it. Where is that magazine???

  4. My mom used to get Real Simple and I loved it! It has super easy recipes too. I am glad you posted today. I am missing you a lot. hug and a kiss. :)

  5. These are all great! Thanks for sharing! :)

  6. I luv these tips!! thanks for sharing. And I'll try not to feel bad that I'm not young and thin anymore..LOL, I'm gonna try implementing some if not all of them everyday!

  7. You have inspired me to renew my subscription soon. I loved getting that magazine every month. We're still waiting for sun in the Pacific NW, but I'll try facing east on a cloudy day anyway. ;-)