Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Welcome to the family!

I would like to introduce the NEWEST addition to mine and B's little family! 
Meet Colonel and Bella

Aren't they just precious! Bella is so dainty, and B says she looks like a fragile flower, just like me. 
And then he said..."Don't be mad if I favor Colonel over Bella."
Say Whatttttt! 
You can't love one child more than the other. So wrong so wrong so wrong!

But, while we were at the pet store, we ran into this beautiful Marine Corps mascot.
Isn't she the most adorable puppy in the world! The man who had her was a Navy retiree. He told B its the perfect gift for a deployment... and I couldn't agree more. 


  1. Love the kids! hee hee! and I LOVE your blog!! xoxo

  2. OH MY GOODNESS!! That is the cutest little pup :)

  3. Love the fish names! They're perfect! And did you get the puppy? She's darling!

  4. Cute fish names! And awww the puppy. I think that will be Mike's and my first purchase as a married couple. I want a bulldog and he wants a Husky, there has to be a compromise in there.

  5. No, the precious baby already had an owner! Ben wants a German Shepard...and I said well if we live on base we can only have two pets and since ladies first of course I get to have an English bulldog!

  6. I seriously want to kiss that puppy!!!!! I love him!!!!