Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Prince Charming

BTC, you are the most incredible man I am very blessed to be your girlfriend!

This semester has been a bit stressful for lover and I both because I have had an internship, and we both have school and jobs so when we get to hangout with each other many times it's later in the evenings. Well last night my Mr. Incredible decided to surprise me with a nice little evening. Lover came to pick me up around 9pm so we could go back to his house to just watch a movie and work on some school work. Well...when I walked in, on his kitchen table were two Brixx pizza's (cheese for me of course, although his spicy shrimp looked tasty), wine (the same from when we went on our first date called Roseda. It's made with rose petals, how fun), a yummy Yankee candle in the center that smelled like heaven, and two little boxes from Francesca's (one of my favorite boutiques). And upbeat Jazz music playing in the background. It was such an amazing romantic evening! 

I opened up my gifts and he had gotten me this necklace that I was planning on treating myself too if I got the DR Summer position, and he got the matching earrings! Aren't they

Well later that night, I got an email saying I was given the position for summer DR, how ironic! It was such a special night, that I was not expecting and having the relief of knowing I have a summer job, made it even better. I am blessed. 

God is so good. 


  1. That makes you my princess then. <3 You.

    - Ben

  2. hey jordan u r proboly so happy that u got to see ben again!!!!!!

  3. hey this is your cuz morgan and me and my friend r wondering how u made this blog!!!!!!
    sorry we r off topic but i could not find anywhere else to coment!!!!!!