Sunday, April 11, 2010

Paint N Play and Popcorn

Today I spent the afternoon with my lovely friends Christian and Sara at Paint N Play a pottery store. It was so much fun! Well expect for the most obnoxious children and their parents who were in there with us, and yes I mean the parents were obnoxious too, we all came to the conclusion (and the ladies who owned the pottery shop) that they could not have liked their children, they were hateful to them, it was quite sad. But back to the fun, the ladies that worked there did give us popcorn to munch on while we painted! Chris made a jar for her and her man and their trips, Sara made a bowl for her new apartment, and I made a Semper Fi E.G.A mug...yes, I drew and E.G.A free handed. It was our little Sunday traditions that start up during Army Wives season...which begins.... 

So before I watch it I have to finish some homework, and go to an area chapter meeting, so I gotta go! 


  1. ahhh Jo! I love that pottery place!

    anyway, just wanted to say that I love and miss you! tell your fam. hi from me!

    Love, MOjo. hehe

  2. Baby your blog is wonderful so creative and clearly from a beautiful "southern bell" like yourself. Love you babe,

    Your man

  3. Love the first dress! Its simple elegance would truly showcase your personality.
    I know you would look good in alot of dresses out there.
    The blog is beautiful. Soo much fun.. Life is good...!
    Just say yes to the dress!:)
    Love Ya,
    Aunt Troi

  4. Thanks Aunt Troi! I ended up ordering the blue and purple one because they were cheaper and I can work anything! haha. Im so glad you guys like my blog!