Sunday, May 06, 2012

Dear Fiance,

Well here we are again, two years later.
New Bern Airport
I've said it before, and I will say it again, I love being out here.
Slow pace, walking barefoot in the neighborhood, EGA stickers on every single car, my wild curly hair out of control, sun burnt like a cooked lobster after a day at the beach, falling asleep to the sweet lullaby of planes and helicopters from base. 
This morning, Heather and I met up for a breakfast date and this evening Richard brought home everyone dinner. We spent the better half of the evening in the kitchen.
It's by far my favorite spot in your parents house!
A night like tonight with the fam is what brought me back to here to this little blog of mine. This space is where I found security when you left for OCS, a place I could share my feelings. I am sitting here on the couch at your parents, the same place I was when I last wrote. I chuckled a little bit when I went back and read my last letter to you. While so much has changed in our lives since then, I am still SO PROUD of you and even more in love with you than before. When I first moved back to Charlotte this day seemed like a far away speck on the horizon. Sometimes being there is really lonely, not just because I am without you, but because I'm in a community where I don't really have anyone to relate to in terms of the military. You know it's been hard for me in that aspect, and I couldn't be more thankful for your constant love and support through that feeling of disconnect. But right now, that is neither here nor there because the time is here and I cannot wait to see you graduate from TBS!
We are all SO excited, you can feel it in the house.
I can't imagine our lives being any other way right now, and I am looking so forward to this life with you.
See you tomorrow, my dear!
Yours until forever,


  1. Presh! I can feel the love in this little note.

    I have to agree with you on the Charlotte/military disconnect. When I separated from M and then we tried to work on things, I was so lost. I had NOBODY who could relate since the closest base was HOURS away. It was really, really hard. I turned to my Twitter family and Bloggies for support. xo

  2. That was such a beautiful letter! I hope one day to love someone like you love Ben. You two are so inspiring (my favourite word to use when I'm communicating with you! ha) I love your honest and positive outlook on everything you post, military stuff especially. I hope one day you find the love and support you need when Ben is away but know you're never alone when you're blogging. Congrats to Ben on his graduation!

  3. This is such a lovely post. I remember watching Lane say his oath of office and feeling such a significant shift in our lives together. Congratulations to Ben on his graduation.

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  5. Hey Jordan! I really enjoy reading your blog. My boyfriend is also at TBS and I am looking forward to seeing him this weekend and finding out what job he gets on Friday. I am living in charleston and this distance just drives me crazy. Your blogs are awesome!! July can't come soon enough! Alyssa

  6. This was a beautiful made me tear up a little it

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  8. I have also felt a disconnect from the military community since I have been 800 miles away from Chris and then away at college for the duration of our relationship. I suppose I have tried extra hard to connect with other spouses through social networking sites... and I suppose maybe I am trying to grow comfortable with the disconnect and accept it as a fact of life...

    Anyhoo, I love reading your blog! Thank you for writing and sharing with us!!! xoxoxo