Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Capsule Wardrobe Diaries pt.2

When I was sick, I found myself on what felt like house arrest for over a week. So, while the sunny California day was calling my name, I was in my bed watching Ghost Whisperer (my new show addiction, thank you Netflix) and mulling over my running to-do list in my head. During my down time I found an app on my Kindle called Stylicious, an app similar to the Apple app called Stylebook
 With all the time in the world, I was able to upload pieces in my wardrobe to the app. 
 I've been hooked on this app since!
While a smaller wardrobe makes it easier for me to decided what to wear every day, this app allows me to pre-plan outfits and save ideas I've brainstormed in advance for later use or a certain event.

I highly recommend this (or Stylebook for iPad users) if you are trying out a capsule wardrobe (especially because it won't take too long to upload photos if you have a smaller wardrobe) or for anyone finding themselves saying, "I have nothing to wear." Since using this app, I have created looks I never considered before. 

We're going to Florida in June and I've already started planning outfits to help eliminate over packing.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

leaving no stone unturned

This weekend we met up with a couple of close friends and they broke the news to us that they have received orders to move in three weeks!

We all sat around in a group in complete astonishment that we are officially at the next stage already. It felt as if one second we were going along and in the blink of an eye everyone is starting to make moves and prepare for what's next. A lot of our friends are getting out of the military and for those who are staying in, they are getting disbursed all across the world. It's what's exciting and also heartbreaking about this life. When our friends dropped that extremely short timeline on us, that is exactly how we felt; excited for their next adventure and yet sad to see them go.

I feel such an array of emotions...even writing this, I find myself clouded. I type out a few lines, then erase them, type out a couple more and still the words don't seem to explain it. 

So I think for now, my mind will remain conflicted and my heart torn about the inevitable and unknown about the changes that will happen this year. I will relish in this time we have left with these special friends and soak up fun afternoons like our picnic to Stone Farms.

If you have spent a decent amount of time in San Diego, you are fairly aware that 1. Local breweries are bomb. 2. Stone is one of the largest breweries in the area. (We actually did a tour of their facility a few years back). Stone Farms is owned by the Stone company and they use a lot of their crops from the farm in the dishes at their bistro. It's probably my favorite of all the Stone locations and hidden, like most of them are.

Seeing all these organic farms lately really has me wanting one of my own and maybe a chicken coop too. My herbs are a good start though...

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

some see a wish...

Right before B got home, I wanted to get a little something for my girlfriends who have been more like family in California than friends. People who were there when I had car trouble, needed a shoulder to cry on, or a fun night out. 

I know I have said it a million times and I am almost positive they are sick of me saying it to them, but I could not have done life without these ladies. They have been my rock and the reason I was able to handle the deployment as well as I did. Thankful doesn't begin to express how I feel when I think about these girls.

When picking out a gift, I wanted something that was meaningful, but also something that would be used. A got everyone a glass pendent necklace which held a single dandelion flower. I think the dandelion is so symbolic of our lifestyle, active duty and dependents. Since two of my close friends are active duty, I wanted to make sure this gift was relevant for everyone.

I wrote this up to explain why I chose the gift I did.

It's been a true blessing to have this community. Knowing how fortunate we have been to have fallen into these friendships makes me nervous for our next move (and watching friends who leave before us) and fearing that we will not have the same life we love here in California.

Until that day though, I will just continue to cherish these memories and enjoy this time and these priceless friends.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

diggin' it

I have always admired my mom for her green thumb. She's had a garden since before I can even remember, growing everything from figs and strawberries to tomatoes and squash. Not to mention she can take the tiniest piece of plant, repot it, and like magic it blooms into something extravagant.

When my parents were here this last week, I took my mom to the Succulent Cafe. It's a quaint coffee shop down the street from my house. It's completely outdoors and hidden in a small cove that's overflowing with succulent plants. After a few laps around the space, we had an entire tray full of these colorful beauties. Feeling ambitious, I decided to even get a few succulents myself. Yesterday, I potted all of my new lovelies and also repotted an aloe plant we've had forever (can't believe it's still alive) and a couple of herbs.
Right now I have Rosemary and Mint and with one more pot left in to fill my tray I am debating on either Parsley or Basil. I use both equally, so it will probably come down to which I stumble on first. 
I have learned that I can most definitely keep succulents alive seeing that I have gone about 3 years with this guy and just decided it was time to repot him after seasons of obvious crowding. The roots on this guy were insane! Like almost gross. He made me work for it too, I left with a few battle wounds from those brutal pricks.
Before I potted my succulents, I did a little reading and here are a few helpful hints I discovered that I didn't realize before...
  • After planting succulents, you want to wait to water them for a week so the roots can adjust to the soil.
  • Green succulents are the easiest to maintain. They need a little less heat and sun than other colors, so unless you're like my momma and can bring any plant to life on a single root, green is the way to go.

Later in the afternoon I invited Kim over for a late lunch on the patio, showcasing my new beauties.
Wilson Creek - White Cabernet
And you know what that sweet friend of mine did? She brought over a gift for me and they were pots! We were shopping together the other day and I wasn't finding any pots that I liked. She found some gorgeous turquoise one for me! Looks like it's time to head back to the succulent cafe and pick out a few more...
Aren't they perfect?!

PS. I have a question...have you ever moved (a long distance) and taken your plants with you? I would love tips on how to move them if you have any advice.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Glamping in Big Sur, CA

I'm backkkkkk!!!!!!!!! And I am sick.
I think all this going and going for a usually low key lady, overwhelmed me a bit and caused my immune system to crash on me. As I recover, I have been wanting to share with y'all where we stayed while in Big Sur. You would love it! Glorified camping for those who crave a little luxury, and rugged enough to still feel connected to the earth. B stumbled on it as we were in a "discussion" over the lack of camping availability in the area with such a short timeline from the actual trip. Obviously I was wrong because we scored this place.
Our view from our camp site!
Since we were unable to have fires, the only meals we cooked were S'mores with the JetBoil for dessert.
Thankfully, the lodge (which had heat and a fire) and a fantastic dinner. I am talking 5 star good.
On day 2 we had (complimentary) breakfast in the lodge and spent the better part of the morning wandered the resort grounds, where I discovered the most incredible honeycomb hammock. 
We also toured the gardens where they use most of the fruits and vegetables from in their meals they serve at the lodge.
Later in the afternoon after we hiked up to a waterfall only a couple of blocks miles away from the resort. The staff will give you an entire list of beaches and hikes nearby, including directions on how to get there.
That evening we had sushi at the resort. Best sushi I have ever had. They even opened up 30 minutes late because the fresher than fresh fish was running a few minutes behind.
Since you are completely off the grid, there is plenty of time to dive into their wall of games that you can either use in the lodge or back in your tent (or yurt, if you plan a trip more than 3 days in advance).
It was a such a wonderful trip. If find yourself off the grid and practically hovering over the Pacific Ocean in Big Sur...I HIGHLY recommend this place.

Friday, May 01, 2015

out & about

Y'all, today is my last day at my job!
Here's to new adventures and writing a new chapter!

The other evening we were sitting on the couch, watching Anthony Boundain Parts Unknown when my husband looked over to me and said lets go somewhere next week. 
The planner in me looked at him like, "Do you remember the woman you married? The obsessive planner, the I need a day after vacation to decompress and organize from vacation, the lover of details within details within details...." 
No, it's not to some exotic foreign country, but I am not even going to down play it because it's pretty amazing to have the privilege to travel. So, after very little thought and what felt like a momentary blackout, we booked a hotel in San Francisco and a camp site overlooking the ocean at Big Sur. And without any other plans, we're headed up the coast, this weekend.
Once we arrive back home from our little vacation, we have a going away party followed by a wedding and then my parents and brother arrive to town! I'll be taking the next couple weeks to enjoy time with family and friends and my dear husband who I've missed so much. 

I'll be posting on Instagram so you can follow the adventures there!
Kisses! Catch y'all in a few weeks!

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