Friday, September 19, 2014

super hero

Sometimes where I work is There are moments I think I should have followed my original college path and become a teacher. Or maybe I just want a baby. Wait. Not yet.
Anyways, today is SUPER HERO DAY at work! It's been our second super hero day (since I've worked there) and, "Oh my gosh!" these little munchkins are so cute and so excited to show off their theme wear, especially today.

 Slowly my collection of theme wear for work is growing and I got super excited when I found this Marvel tee at Walmart (of all places). I wanted a Captain America shirt but they didn't have one. However, I did find this awesome gem.
Just's probably my new favorite...
[Top: Walmart, Jeans: American Eagle, Shoes: Charlotte Russe]

Do you have a favorite superhero? Marvel or DC?

When Ben and I first started dating, he started calling my dad Superman. Even still, my dad is in Ben's phone as Mr. Superman Ozga.

For me, Captain America is hands down my favorite superhero.

Thursday, September 18, 2014


While Ben was home I asked my sweet friend who is a professional photographer if she was available to capture a fun session of Ben and I. We I really wanted some good photos before he left. Remember these photos with the horse? The same photographer who did that shoot did this one too! This session was at the Oceanside Harbor, one of our favorite places. 

(Lauren actually blogged about our session here and here)
There were so many I loved, but of them all, these were the most fun to take...
I mean what girl doesn't like being twirled like a princess by her prince charming?

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

a hard moment made even harder

It's been a few days since I said "see ya later" (again) to my husband. It's been hard, but I feel like the first few weeks after he leaves always are. Once he gets settled into whatever kind of routine he is in, wherever that may be at the time and once I get settled back into my routine without him, together things start becoming our "new normal" and it gets a little easier.

When we arrived at the airport about 3 hours before take off  to check-in and load up B's military luggage, there was not a single person at the kiosk, so we shrugged it off and decided to grab breakfast across the street. When we came back to check in, there was about 45 minutes before the flight took off. He was leaving from a smaller airport, an airport with one gate and one TSA line, so we knew we still had plenty of time. 

As we're checking-in, the agent informs us that he was one of the last people to check-in and will most likely be removed from the flight. He would then be shuttled down to San Diego to get on a flight there and hopefully be able to get on a flight that would line up with his following connector flights. For my husband that was clearly unacceptable, seeing that he was on government orders. The agent sternly assured him that it was well within her right to remove him from the flight if there wasn't enough space and they didn't really didn't matter if he was going to Afghanistan, because he had simply been one of the last people to check-in. She noted also that she had even asked if anyone else would take the next flight out, but there were no offers.

My husband did not raise his voice, but he was stern and visibly upset. Having personally worked in customer service for over 7 years, I normally would have put him in his place by assuring him that it's not her fault and she is simply the messenger, because I too have dealt with a number of irate customers in my various jobs, but I was already so sensitive about the day, I felt hopeless and couldn't say anything.

I simply cried.

After about 30 minutes of back and forth, they were able to miraculous find space for my husband to get on the flight.

I asked for a guest pass that allowed me to go through the TSA line and give my husband a quick kiss, because by that point the plane was all boarded, and before I could even process what the hell happened, he was gone.

After spending a few days sorting everything out - here is where I have a problem with the whole situation...
  1. We were informed that even if you are flying on government orders you do not have priority on a flight. That is bullshit. BULLSHIT!
  2. I wanted to turn around to all the people who were about to board the flight, watching this all unfold in front of them (small airport, remember) and scream at them that not a SINGLE PERSON would take the next flight out (which was 1 hour later) to give the seat to one of our military. Half of the people on that flight we're going on vacation to Vegas - we heard them talking about it. REALLY?! (I think sometimes as Americans we are so sheltered to how good we have it that we forget the gravity of sacrifice that people are willing to make and have made time and again in the past for us to have even our most basic luxuries in the United States. And why? Because it's not something we do not have to concern ourselves with if we don't want to.)
  3. As far as the agent was concerned, she apologized after she realized that B would make the flight and I was leaving the airport, which was nice, but honestly the damage had been done, her lack of sensitivity in the beginning and her attitude was offsetting. Not the kind of customer service standards I set for myself and certainly not one I would hope United Airlines sets for themselves.
  4. Before making the statement "you're most likely going to be kicked off this flight" to someone who is clearly on a tight schedule - one that is government ordered, you should probably make sure it's certain. Again, as someone who has worked in customer service for years, you can tell a lot about a person and their situation the second they walk into your office - kiosk - cubical. Tears were welled up in my eyes, my husband has a Marines haircut, and he had two military bags.
  5. Don't overbook a flight or expect people to check-in 24 hours in advance. Sometimes people simply can't and it's part of the agents job - so a person shouldn't be punished for something that isn't required in the first place.
I know we both chose this life and we are incredibly thankful for it in a countless number of ways. We are so grateful for the overwhelming support we have on most days and have never been the kind of people that feel like they deserve any special treatment because of the military. But I feel, in my heart, this situation was different.

A day that was already hard within itself, I am left feeling heartbroken about how our last few moments together unfolded. We were disappointed in an airlines that we normally speak so highly of, try to always fly with, and generally love their staff.

PS. On a happier note. TSA was kind enough to keep their one security gate open for me to watch the plane take off and spend a few minutes alone to compose myself, which I am beyond words grateful for.

Monday, September 15, 2014

full stream ahead

This weekend we had one of our most favorite dates since we have lived in California. I came home from work on Thursday to surprise dinner cruise tickets on the Hornblower for Saturday.
When you board the ship, you are greeted with a glass of champagne and escorted to your seat. I was thinking we would be at a community table with other people. Normally that would have been alright with us, but we were not feeling in the mood to be social with others. To our delight, we had our own '2 top' on the main level, next to the dance floor and windows with city views in just about every direction.
The food was fantastic - with upgrade offers for the extra hungry tummy. Ben ordered everything he thought he would miss over the next 6 months. You want 3 different desserts hun? Sure.
There was one point in the night, an elderly couple came out onto the dance floor. The woman was in a wheelchair and her husband picked her up and danced with her for a minute or so to, The Very Thought of You. I bawled, not that I was emotionally stable to start with.
..And because we can only keep up the fancy facade for a little while, we had some fun with the boat equipment.
We cannot wait to do this again! If you are in San Diego and want a fun place to have dinner, this is it. There is not a single restaurant in the area that has a better view or more exciting entertainment.

Friday, September 12, 2014

fall in love with autumn

It's time again, already, the time for my love to one again leave. The day he departs, I have planned an entire day for myself that is part moping around the house and watching lifetime movies, and part decorating my house for fall. Just the remedy I feel my soul needs. Since it won't look like autumn here any time soon, I plan on bringing it indoors to my home. I know I said I would hold onto summer longer, but I read this article on Country Living and I gave in.

Since my husband will be gone for my favorite season, he surprised me with sunflowers and autumn flavored candles.

Tonight we have dinner planned with friends at a new restaurant that opened in Oceanside, then tomorrow Ben surprised me with a dinner cruise around the San Diego Bay! What are your weekend plans?

Wishing you all a happy weekend!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Summer Uniform: Linen Pants

Completely unintended and yet completely justified, this outfit quickly turned into my summer uniform.
[Top : Kohls, Pants: Victoria Secret, Sunglasses: Ray Ban, Earrings: Forever 21, Necklace: Forever 21, Sandals: Report]

I've declared my love for linen before, and these pants (I have them in a few colors) from Victoria Secret, totally won me over this summer. Weather they were paired with a strapless top or a casual tank, I simply needed to throw over a long necklace, add some hoops, and I was ready to go.

What was your summer uniform this year?

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Refresh Body Spray

Many Saturday's after beach yoga I end up running errands. Most days, we have a nice marine layer to keep us cool on the beach, but on some days the sun is beaming intensely and between that and my warrior pose, I can work up a good sweat. On those days in particular, I make sure I have a body spray for a little spritz before heading anywhere into public. 

Refresh Body Spray
1 tbsp of Witch Hazel
40 drops of Lavender
40 drops of Grapefruit
3.5 oz of Distilled Water
Add liquids into a 4oz bottle and mix together. Shake each time before use.

I have also made one that substitutes Grapefruit with Lemon (may have gotten the inspiration from a Yankee Candle), maybe even more a favorite, but both are still delicious.