Wednesday, April 22, 2015

wrapped up romance

First, thank you all for your love & support on my post yesterday! We are both excited and loving being back together!

I wanted to share will y'all such a fantastic gift idea that Kim and Tiffany put together for me! On the morning of B's homecoming, we had brunch at our favorite spot and afterwards they stopped by my house and brought up a huge basket filled with all things romantic.
The day before, Kim and I ran a few errands and on two occasions I tried to buy something in the basket."You don't need anymore candles, Jordan!" "Why don't you just wait and get champagne later, you don't need it right now." I was so oblivious and just blew it off when she made those comments because, let's be honest...I really do not need anymore candles, I just love having them.

The contents: 
Bottles (because just 1 is a tease) of Champagne (almond champagne is my favorite!)
2 Candles
Crackers and Dip (Since we all knew I would not be cooking, it was perfect!)
Picture frame (that will eventually hold a homecoming photo)
Chocolate (sea salt sprinkled chocolate, bonus points!)
all arranged inside of a gorgeous basket that is a gift within itself.

Tonight we have a date in Laguna with one of the guys B was deployed with and his girlfriend. We're planning on staying in Orange County for the evening, because, why not? The almond champagne is joining us too!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

He's Home!!

After 344 days, My. Husband. Is. Home! My heart feels so full. This moment and this love is worth every single second apart and every hard day.

My friend Kim captured the homecoming for us and I cherish these photos immensely.
 Instead of buses, the team walked up and my Marine was in the front. The second I realized it actually was him, I ran for it, the first one to go. I've thought about this moment a million times. Would I run to him (in my heels and most likely fall)? Would I jump on him? Would I have a sign? Would I be able recognize him amongst the sea of cammies? When the time came, I can't even tell you what happened. Adrenaline kicked in, everyone else zoned out and it was just us.
 I'd do it all over again, marry this man again in a second if he asked me, I wouldn't change anything about our lives because it's our fairy-tale and many days it truly feels like one.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Girl Crush

Y'all can we just all talk about not just mine, but everyone's current girl crush?

But first, a few hints on who it might be....
(STOP scrolling down - I see that!)

We favor the same neutral polish color (You Don't Know Jacques).
We both share a love for mason jars.
We are a huge fan of country roads!
Antiqued Gold is our metal of choice, for jewelry pieces.
She totally believes in fairies too!
And we both drive at a pace that would suggest we have all the time in the world.

It's Joanna Gaines from the HGTV show Fixer Upper!

Her style....
Seriously, she does effortless so...effortlessly!
She knows rustic! Currently it's a trendy look, but for southerners, it's just classic.
Her optimism...
In the homes they restore, they always have a sweet handmade sign that offers an instant smile when you read it. (You can get them from here!)

Her adoration for the simple life...

Her love for Chip (her husband)...
They play, they laugh, and they love, and they believe in each others dreams.
Her testimony...

She's such a breath of fresh air on TV. 
Have you seen the show?

Monday, April 13, 2015

Monday Motivation

...feeling (crazy) thankful for this week!!

You can purchase these words in a sign made from a wood plank - here
I totally have it wishlisted!

Wednesday, April 08, 2015

10 reasons being a milspouse is the best

When I talk to people about my husbands job and the fact that he's gone, I always get the sympathy face, which makes me cringe. I instantly feel compelled to jump into my speech about how I love this life. And I do. Sure, we have missed a lot being away from family, good and bad. No, I do not always sleep well at night as I wait for a phone call. And as much as I would love to live near family and have my husband home always, at this point, the pros of the military fully outweigh the cons for us.
This list started at "top 3" and once I started writing, the more the list grew...
  1. Pride. My man is a mans man; rough and tough, honorable, hardworking. Half the person is who he always was and the other half is what the Marine Corps has taught him. I am giddy at the mention of his name, swoon when I see the look in his eyes when he talks about his love for this country, and I am so proud to be the one who he shares his life with.
  2. Self. I have learned so much about myself and my personal strength. I am independent, adaptable, open-minded. I am comfortable being by myself and able to join a group alone. I have challenged everything about who I was before, and I've come out better.
  3. Community. Friends who feel more like family, who get this life to its core and share in your triumphs and falls. These are the people that fit somewhere past friendship, people who know your vulnerabilities and love you anyways. This community you build may go in separate directions, and during your time a part, you have that wholeness knowing you have better than best friends spread across the world and your paths will cross again. (Like the fact one of my closest friends from when we lived in VA is moving to San Diego this summer!) 
  4. Support. Being apart of the military life, you are instantly exposed to support options that you do not get in the civilian world. Family Readiness Officers (FRO) that are assigned to a unit and help with any transitional questions you have, plan unit events, and your resource during deployments (unless your husband goes on a deployment without FRO - hand raise). L.I.N.K.S classes to help understand the Marine Corps better and get a feel for the base you are living by. I believe in what they say about going to a LINKS class each time you arrive at a new base. Even if you have been to one before, there is always something new to learn. Then, speaking on the side of active duty, I have seen firsthand (from my job), especially when children are involved, the level of support you are able to receive from your command in a time of need.
  5. Travel. Never in my life would I have dreamed I would live in California or have the possibility of one day living in Japan or Hawaii, but with the military, it's possible.
  6. Benefits. Tricare- complain all you want,but in almost all cases, you are not paying money out of pocket and you get good care. ITT - Discounts on ticket prices, yes please! The commissary and the MCX. There are so many wonderful benefits that I feel are well deserved for our hard working service members. Each time I utilize these privileges, I stop and appreciate that we have them.
  7. Marriage Counseling. This life can be challenging at times, but the Marine Corps offers counseling services for families and even family/couple strengthening classes. We have been to the Love Languages course and we really enjoyed it! Whether or not you need it, it's awesome to have these resources for FREE!
  8. Military Children. These little ones are raised with manners, honor, and pride. They are resilient, flexible and incredibly mature for the things they have to endure. Not to mention, they know what do to when Colours plays.
  9. Culture. You live all over the world, you become friends with people who grew up in all different backgrounds and with different views. You quickly learn to become more culturally aware, break down stereotypes, and reserve judgement. It's one of the greatest riches I've gained from these last few years.
  10. Moving. Someone else packs and moves everything! For a person who hates packing this is pretty much the best thing ever, even if a few things get broken and others go missing.

Every day I feel thankful for this life. Even during moments that I am struggling, I am still thankful. I once heard someone say, "I don't get why people label themselves as a military spouse? They are a spouse like anyone else. Others don't say, "I'm a teacher spouse or I'm CEO spouse." I am not sure it was until I was fully submersed into this world that I understood that yes, you are a spouse like all other spouses, but this life is more than a job, it's a lifestyle that involves an entire family and I feel honored to live it.

Monday, April 06, 2015

Monday Motivation

I saw this photo this weekend while browsing Reddit and I thought it was such a fantastic visual of the measure of success.
Success isn't always having the biggest things, the most Facebook likes, or how much money you can spend...
It's having fulfillment and joy even beyond what you allow others see. 
That's success.
Hope you all had a wonderful Easter celebrating and praising the One who paid for all of our debts! We are so undeserving.
 Kim and Riley came over and Riley had her first swim. She LOVED the pool! Later in the afternoon, we shopped homes in Texas for Kim and Rey, so it was a pretty fantastic day!
So much excitement she fell asleep while swimming!

Wednesday, April 01, 2015

This is really happening...

I felt like March was dragging on for so long and here it's finally April and now my mind is running in a million different directions!

It's APRIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have literally waited since last year to see this month on the calender!
I am SO EXCITED!!!!!!! 
I am so nervous.
How is it going to be living with someone else again? 
My mind is forming a huge "to-do" list as I simultaneously think about other things...

Last weekend this arrived, and I about fainted. I practically ripped it away from Rick (our USPS carrier) when he brought it into our complex.

I blogged a few months ago and it still stand by how I handle my personality for homecoming. I am an Anxious Annie and I can't help myself. So, in order to organize my thoughts, here is just a rambling of the to-do list running through my mind:

Hair appointment.
Dinner Reservations (we're thinking this place since it's one of our favorites and walking distance to home) and Dominos on speed dial just in case. (thanks y'all for this suggestion!) 
Steam my homecoming dress. I realized something the other day, I have worn red dresses to every big celebration/reunion that we've had. It's B's favorite color on me and it's also patriotic (which you know I'm all about) so I've decided to keep with the trend.
OCS Graduation - 2010
TBS Graduation - 2012
I am wearing a dress I already have. I looked around and didn't find one to compare to something already in my closet or justify the purchase.
Grocery Shopping. Over that last couple of months I've stocked up on the nonperishables and kept them away from my munching eyes, so all I need to get are food basics for our house.
Get the truck washed and seeing the light of day. I have been really bad about driving my husbands truck while he's been gone, the poor thing has spent most of the deployment in the garage. (I know dad!)
Deep clean the house. I say I am going to do this, but I probably won't. I am tidy and the place looks fine. This task can be saved for fun-employment.
Move-in. I have been helping some of our friends who are currently deployed with B find a home. We're finishing up the last steps, but there are still a few loose ends that I need to get together.
A trip to Marshalls - for obvious reasons.
Putting the finishing touches on trinkets for friends (Can't wait to share what they are! Some of my girlies read this blog though...looking at you Cham, Katie, & Mindy! so I have to wait.)
Oh and work. Can't do much about that...

Okay. Now that I put it out there, I feel better. Let's get this ball rolling!
And since I am getting all my crazy out before homecoming, I should be good by the time he gets here...right?