Friday, March 20, 2015

Spring {a to do list}

Looking forward to fresh scents, wildflowers, pretty colors, and trying new things:

Trend it...
Call it what you want; boho, 70s inspired, or romantic, I've love a little cold shoulder.

Smell it...
I am obsessed with Scentsy, after swearing that I never would because I am a candle girl. Now I am addicted to both. Lush Gardenia is my favorite Spring scent and I just ordered the new Goldsmith warmer. This pineapple plug-in is totally wishlisted, and thanks to Kohl's cash will be mine. 

Make it...
Homemade Dryer Sheets
After reading about the number of chemicals that are in dryer sheets (which is a total contradiction to my obsession with Scentsy) and realizing that I have everything to make my own...I am wanting to give these a try. Especially because they will save money and one less thing I need to purchase at the grocery store.

Test it...
100% Pure makeup products. My friend, Chambrey, introduced me into this company and as I am running low on my foundation, I am planning on placing an order.

All of the ingredients are chemical free and all colored from fruit pigments. They even sent me a color sample (below) so I am able to pick the best blend for my skin tone. Also, they have the best return policy.

Organize it... 
We have finally started to be more conscious about recycling. Because I didn't want to spend $200 on a glorified trash bin, I opted for dual trashcans at $24 for both that I label for trash and recycle. They take up more room, but on the other hand, they take up more room, which means less trips down to the compost. It's crazy how little trash you actually use and how much recycle we were tossing. Cringe.

Live it...

Happy first day of Spring, friends!! What are you trying new this season?

Thursday, March 19, 2015

cozy home sweet home

I take the utmost pride in the fact that when friends describe my home to others, cozy always comes to mind. When I walk into my home I want to feel like you can instantly relax, always go into the fridge and grab a glass of tea, lay on the floor and watch a movie, or read a book on the patio, a place you can relinquish all your worries and know you are welcomed and wanted.
Last night when I got home a little package was laying against my door from North Carolina! It was a gift from my sweet friend who is remarkably more crafty than I could ever be...and the writer behind, Thrifty Finds and Redesigns.
I thought for a while about where I wanted to place it and decided to add it to our entryway.
It embodies everything I wish for in our home:
cozy, homey, warm, love, happiness, and unity.
...and now I think I am going to teach myself how to cross stitch!

Katie!!! Thank you SO MUCH for thinking of me, I absolutely LOVE it!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015


I got this skirt at the swap or donate party I went to the other day. I totally love it because it's a ploy/cotton twill material and practically the skirt version of khaki shorts.

American Eagle doesn't sell these skirts anymore, but I remember in high school they were the business. I also remember they were totally given the X by my parents, along with those mini denim skirts from Abercombie & Fitch, so I was never allowed to have one. My parent had pretty strict modesty rules for me growing up (love y'all, but it's true).

Clearly I was traumatized about this , seeing that 8 years later I finally have one.
I wore it to lunch by the beach with a friend and see myself wearing it just about everywhere else, it's so comfy.
[top: Kohl's, skirt: American Eagle, shoes: Michael Antonio, necklaces: vintage]

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

swap or donate

Last Friday Tiffany's husband had duty so she invited us all over for a themed girls night! She asked us to gather items in our closet that we wanted to get rid of and bring them over to swap with one another. At the end of the night, if any of the items were not swapped they were donated to a local woman's shelter.

The idea was genius and we all went home with so many new pieces!  

If you lined us up, you could easily see that we each have our own unique style, so piecing through each others items allowed us to pick pieces that we may not have normally picked for ourselves.
Cody even got in on the action!

I have so much fun with these girls!
Can I please take them to every duty station with me?

Monday, March 16, 2015

Monday Motivation

Dwell on who you have, what you have, and find joy in it, because it's enough.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

a girly girl goes camping

I hate camping, hate camping.
Or torture me!
My first time camping with my husband was on the beach in Coastal North Carolina, days before a hurricane was planning to strike and it was cold and windy and there were no bathrooms. Seriously, B had to hold me up as I peed into the wind, the one and only time I used the bathroom that trip. We woke up the next day covered in sand probably because we used B's tent that he uses in the field. 
Ever since our beach camping experience, I have been traumatized. 

Camping is something that my husband really enjoys so we're giving it a try again over memorial weekend. While we have the basic necessities (and an upgraded tent), I figured the only way I would make it through with a smile on my face, is indulging in a few camping items that make things a little more comfortable.  
1 - For summer months!//2 - If you don't get this, you don't get this post.//3 - Because you feel the need for organization and structure in even the smallest aspects of life sometimes. Besides, this bad boy folds into nothing.//4 -That JetBoil you bought your husband a few years back for his birthday will come in handy in your favorite camping mug. I mean you have a favorite mug at home, why not while camping too?//5 - Because ew, bugs! //6 - Scrabble, Jenga, Cards.//7 - I will be sweeping the tent, I can still be tidy in the wilderness.//8 - For ambiance. Oh, and its actual purpose.//

Do you love camping? What are some things that you swear by when you're camping?

PS. My last two camping trips in Julian. A disaster and some good fun.
      Oh! And...wish listed: Eagles Nest Outfitters Double Hammock (romantic!)

If all else fails, our winery has a tasting room just 10 minutes from where we're staying...

Wednesday, March 11, 2015


The past week I stayed at a friends house watching over her sweet puppies. My friend is the most accommodating person, but when I walked through the door of our condo, I was instantly overcome with that indescribable feeling of being home.

It's where I am at peace, it's memories made, it's laughter and a few heated discussions, it's a glass of wine and conversation over a homemade meal, it's waking up to music and breakfast in bed on Saturday morning, it's him around every corner, it's a bubble bath and candles, it's knowing the nooks and crannies.

Together or apart, this is our home.
This is where we have built a foundation for this chapter, this is the place we look forward to most. Upon entering my home yesterday, I felt confidence in my decision to stay here in California throughout the duration of my husband's deployment. From this point in our marriage, I told myself that regardless of the duty station or the number of months he will be home versus gone, I will follow my husband. Where he is and where we can be together is where our home is.

There is such comfort in that word. 
Am I right?