Friday, October 09, 2015

party like it's 1922!

We hosted a wetting-down celebration at our house the weekend of B's promotion. We planned it last minute after my husband was debating on a house party or a fishing charter to celebrate his promotion. We ultimately decided on a party because more of our friends could attend. Just then, The Great Gatsby came on TV and it sealed the deal for my husband. He asked for a Gatsby Themed Party (you could only attend if you had to read the book in high school!, ha!). Thankfully our friends kept their Friday night open for us, so mostly everyone was able to attend. Not to mention, they all had such a great attitude about having to find 20's wear with 3 day notice!
Dollar Tree votive candle holders - love them!
Spray Painted Wine Bottles (Black) draped with pearls, Pom Pom Garland
Shimmering Chandelier
Gold Fringe Curtain
Water Station - I fully believe in hydrating and people having access to water at their leisure during a party so I made sure this was full at all times.
Champagne Glasses
Such a huge hit, I ended up making 3 batches by the end of the night.

1920's Themed Food:
Deviled Eggs
Shrimp Cocktail
Pastry Pups (Trader Joes)
Stuffed Mushrooms (Trader Joes)
Chocolate Fondue
Red Velvet Cupcakes

Thursday, October 08, 2015

on repeat...

"It's just another song about missin' you"

We are going back to coastal North Carolina for a long (for us) weekend in November and I CANNOT WAIT! It has been 2.5 years since I have even been in the state of North Carolina and B and I will be going together

My sister-in-law is getting married to a guy who suits her so perfectly and someone that we all adore! Seriously both of her brothers have a major guy crush on him.

It's just the trip I needed, filled with family and my favorite places.
My whole heart feels full.

I have not been able to get this song out of my head since we booked our flights.

Also, I am torn between 3 dresses for the wedding and would love your input to help me finally come to a decision before it's too late.
1 // 2 // 3

Wednesday, October 07, 2015

O Captain. My Captain!

Like I mentioned last week my husband was promoted to Captain of the United States Marine Corps and I couldn't be more proud!! This promotion felt so special because we were able to share the moment with best friends who has been a part of the journey with us. The promoting officer and the person who pinned him alongside myself are two of his best friends, marines he looks up to, two of the guys he deployed with.
Looking back over the last few years, I feel so blessed to be where we are now. My husband has been given amazing opportunities to grow as a marine and we have been given the opportunity to take the personal challenges of this lifestyle and grow together. 

My husband is an incredible leader and an even better learner. He is loved and respected and he loves and respects others. He is passionate about this job and about our country, and so deserving of this promotion.

Monday, October 05, 2015

Monday Motivation - Pumpkin Day 2015

Yesterday we had our annual Pumpkin Day! We started the morning with pumpkin cinnamon rolls and pumpkin coffee then spent the afternoon at Bates Nut Farm like we have every year since we've been in California.

2013 - 2014 - 2015  
A change in seasons can be full of sadness and beauty, more times than not, both at the same time.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

stay put

[Earrings: Forever 21, Necklace: Kendra Scott, Top: r2d apparel, Jeans: Silver, Shoes: Rebels]

I have to make a confession.
We found out where we're being sent to next.
That's right, we're staying put, right here in California, for another handful of months, at least.
We do have an idea where we're going next, but we're decided to not getting ahead of ourselves.
I almost have to laugh; we are a small percentage who want to get stationed back east, yet we can't get orders to leave paradise.
What a terrible dilemma. Sense the sarcasm?
Initially, I was a total brat about it and I could go on and on about my reasons why, but there is too much to be thankful for, and I hate to be so silly. Plus, this is this life and most days I love it so much.
Anyways. There's the update.
I'm not over the moon stoked, but like I've always said, I will make the best of whatever the situation. Honestly, Oceanside has become home; I know the best local dives and all the back roads. We're established and there is peace in that, I just miss our families.

In other news, we have a CRAZY busy rest of the week, my man is PROMOTING!!!!
Super. Big. Deal.
Today, I am running all over town with my sidekick, Kim, who has so graciously dropped everything to help me out these next few days. Thursday, I have a special evening planned, just us two. I got him this for a promotion gift:
He is going to freak out!
Friday, I'm hosting his wetting down party and I have already started transforming our home, Then on Sunday, we have Pumpkin Day! I cannot wait to share the fun with y'all, but if you'd like to keep updated until can find me on Instagram.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Monday Motivation

This past weekend, and totally unplanned, we found ourselves in San Diego for the Padres game. We haven't been to one yet so it was fun to check it off our California Bucket list. Plus, the Padres stadium is beautiful!
This quote really spoke to me this morning. Not only because we went to the ballgame, but this weekend we went to see The Intern and the movie's message had us discussing family sacrifice.  Decisions you make in a family are not about the individual, but about what's best for the family, the team.

Friday, September 25, 2015

2015 Autumn Bucket List

Happy Friday, kittens! What are y'all up to this weekend? We're going to see The Intern tonight and later this weekend we're going bowling with friends, I feel like we're taking dates old school this weekend. I am loving kicking off the autumn season  already and since I have my main squeeze around this year, we're going to soak it up as much a possible! Check out what we have on our bucket list:

  1. Host a first day of fall dinner
  2. Pumpkin Day at the Pumpkin Patch - October 4th!
  3. Celebrate my hard working Marine! - October 1st!
  4. Have a bonfire (on the beach, of course)
  5. Pick up a bouquet of mini pumpkins and sunflowers at the Farmer's Market
  6. Make a batch of autumn sangria
  7. Bake a peCAN pie from scratch
  8. Make crockpot apple butter (Tiffany made it last year and it was delicious!)
  9. Hocus Pocus on repeat, at least 13 times
  10. Drive to Big Bear and enjoy fall foliage at its finest
  11. Fill the house with autumn aromas of pumpkin & spice and everything nice!
  12. Set out a bucket of candy on Halloween and have a festive dinner & a movie date with my husband
  13. Apple picking
  14. Buy a quilted vest
  15. Complete my Residential Interior Design Certification

Our first day of fall dinner

RIDE Certified

What are your plans this autumn? I'd love more ideas! Any reason to celebrate autumn.