Monday, August 03, 2015

Monday Motivation

The past weekend we celebrated friends successes and birthdays and just life in general. It was one of those weekends you reflect back on and think how is it possible to be blessed with so much love. I feel so undeserving...

Brunch with friends to celebrate Meredith's graduation...

The finest hospitality from friends who invite you to stay the evening after you practically invite yourself...Bonus, Ben and Emmy have been friends since high school, she is now married to a Marine and we all live in California! 

A southern goodie basket from friends who recently moved that included this...

Send off encouragement (and a celebratory drink to share upon his return) dropped off by a good friend, when B leaves for training...

So thankful for every days and to be surrounded by people who make every days a reason to celebrate!

Thursday, July 30, 2015

small towns

A few weekends ago, we were at Frazier Farms, a local grocery store, and ran into a lady and her husband who we saw at a local brewery listening to music. Then, last weekend we were waiting in line for the train and B started up a conversation with someone behind us and almost instantly, they said, "We sat behind you all at dinner a couple of nights ago."

I looked at my husband once we sat on the train and said, "Oceanside is starting to feel like a small town." Oceanside is NOT a small town, and it's probably because we rarely go outside of a 6 mile radius from home (Have you seen the traffic in California?), but I like that we've created that for our world. 

Recently Country Living posted their 50 Best Small Towns and of the 50 I've been to 4 which I thought was pretty neat!

Beaufort, South Carolina 

Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

I've never met a small town I didn't like, the community, the charm, the peacefulness, I love all that they offer.
Here are a few others I've been to and fallen in love with through the years...

Here are a few I want to visit...
Williamsburg, Virginia
Eureka Spring, Arkansas
Stowe, VT
Edenton, North Carolina

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

tiny updates

A few months ago, my friend over at Thrifty Finds & Redesigns added a neat little sign on the door of her guest bathroom so it would be easier to find it. She ordered her plaque on Amazon and I had wishlisted it for future reference in a future home. We're tettering on where the Marine Corps is going to be sending us next so I have been doing my best to stop decorating this particular space until we have a better sense of what's next. On Sunday, B and I were running errands and happened to be next to World Market so we obviously stopped in. Shoved in the back of a shelf behind Myer's cleaning products, I stumbled on this bathroom sign. 

I was so anxious to hang it, I barely put our bags down before ripping it out of the bag and nailing it up. Now that I look at these photos, this vintage bath house print I framed, point's to the bathroom kind of. Neat!  Well, if I didn't realize that, I can't imagine a guest making that connection so this sign is much more obvious.

Another item I scored was this adorable antiqued drying rack.  
How Fixer Upper is this cute piece?

Total: $22 for an awesome update to the bathroom and sideboard table!

Monday, July 27, 2015

Monday Motivation

A shot from the Del Mar races this past weekend
Surround yourself with people who exude a positive mindset and a love for life. Even more, be one of those people!

Friday, July 24, 2015

embracing inefficiency

Happy Friday lovelies! You'll never guess what I am going to do this weekend....
Going to the races! I am seriously not kidding. A group of B's friends saw our photos from last weekend and had to go. The control freak in me is already kicking in after having done this last weekend and being the planner that I naturally am.
("This is the time we should leave." "This is the transportation we should use." "This is what/where we should do/eat beforehand.")
[Tank - JCrew // Skirt - Loft // Earrings - Forever 21 // Necklace - Lane Bryant // Shoes - Blues&Shoes]

More times that not  people are grateful for my planning, especially when they realize I usually have snacks in my purse when they get hungry. I like to squeeze something into every second, make sure everyone else is having a good time, which is why I plan like I do. However, sometimes it can get exhausting and annoying to myself and others, I'm sure. Most of my friends are like me though, like how I got this email:
when I sent out a girls weekend "itinerary."

But for situations I am not planning, here is how I learn to let go...
  1. It's not your event, just go with it. The second I say this to myself (or when B reminds me of this), I instantly feel better. I have zero responsibly in the matter, I am just along for the ride and for the fun.
  2. Appreciate the alternative too. So I may have envisioned a better way to do things, but the alternative might be just a good, just in a different way. Even if it's not, refer to #1.
  3. Not every moment is about efficiency. Really though, some moments are about being inefficient, living in the moment, taking a step back and relaxing. I always tell family and friends that's my biggest draw to living in a small town. Small towns embrace a slower pace of life, community over control.
  4. Embrace the adventure. Some of the biggest laughs, coolest sites, and best inside jokes come from the moments that aren't planned. 
  5. You're there, if needed. You're wired the way you are and I don't feel shameful for being the planner I am. So if at any time there is moment of "What should we do?," my instincts can kick right back into planner mode to get a game plan back on track.

Are you a control freak, sometimes to a fault? What are your tips for letting go?

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

summer 2015 reads

I have been reading a lot this summer which has been great, but I find myself completely unable to just enjoy the book, reading a few pages here and there when I have the time. Instead, I completely ditch my "to-do" list and schoolwork until I have finished every last page.

Right now I am reading another book by Liane Moriarty after I fell in love with The Husband's Secret. I've heard that this is the best of hers. 

Next up Midnight Crossroads (1st in the series) by Charlaine Harris. My girlfriend is reading these right now and says that are a MUST! 

Go Set a Watchman by Harper Lee has been in my cart all summer, but I keep finding something that I want to read more. Have you read it yet?

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6

Of the ones I've read this summer:
 The Girl on the Train literally paralyzed me until I finished it in total.
The Husband's Secret had me questioning my own morals.
The Island was my favorite read for the beach.

What have you read this summer? I would love any suggestions!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

surf meets the turf

Last Saturday we went to the races at Del Mar, something that I've had on my California Bucket List since we moved here. Our friends Tiffany and Mark wanted to celebrate their anniversary there and invited a large group to come along and share in the celebration.
This gentleman was singing the Del Mar song as we exited the shuttle.
Mint Juleps for the win!
There we 10 races total and we bet each race we bet $2, but said beforehand that we weren't going to go over $20. We have some friends who are big into gambling, but for us it was just exciting to be a part of the fun! We were only choosing based on their name anyways, zero math behind it.
It rained the entire day. Honestly, I have gotten so used to it never raining that I have stopped looking at the weather. Thankfully our seats were covered and we had an absolute blast regardless!

Tip* If you live in North Country, you can take the Coaster down to Solana Beach and hop on a free shuttle to the racetracks which practically drop you off at the entrance.