Tuesday, July 29, 2014

when life gives you lemons...

I have been on a salad kick lately. Even more because I have been making all of my own dressings recently. I can't imagine ever going back to using pre-made dressings from the store. Homemade dressing taste so much more fresh and the best thing is, for a lot of the basic dressings, you probably have the ingredients sitting in your home right now!

What You Need:
2/3 cups of Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Lemon Juice from 2 whole lemons
4 tsp of Honey
2 tsp of Dijon Mustard
1 tbsp of Minced Garlic

Whisk all ingredients together and pour into a container. Serve immediately or chill up to 10 days in the refrigerator. 
You will need to shake it before each use, like most dressings.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Scenes from this Weekend

This weekend, dates overlapped and most of the husbands ended up in the field this weekend. Friday and Saturday happened to both turn into game nights, which I love! 

Friday I went over a friends house - a girlfriend of mine that is in the same unit as Ben (well the unit he is usually in, not currently attached to). When I walked into her apartment, I just melted over her view.
Mozzie has an entire closet full of games, but this one is my favorite. I got to her place and immediately dug it out from the pile. I can't say I'm particularly good at it, but it challenges me and you actually learn a little something while you're playing.


Saturday night, my friend, Tiff hosted a potluck dinner at her house.
(Look at us trying to make adult food)

Kim brought over Chickenfoot and it's probably one of my favorite games. She taught me how to play it around the holidays last year and we would spend HOURS sitting at the kitchen table, playing it at her house. I remember on multiple occasions when Ben would tell me it was time to go home and we would quietly flip the dominoes over after a game ended and secretly start again, pretending it was the same game we'd been playing all along. Too bad he caught onto that...
Oh weekends, why are you so short?!

Friday, July 25, 2014

shower singer

I recently purchased this speaker for our shower and I love it! It's connected by Bluetooth so you can connected from your phone to your iTunes or Pandora. Even better...you can answer the phone in the shower!!!! Now I know a lot of y'all might be shaking your heads thinking our world is too connected, for me it's another avenue for me not to miss my husbands phone call. Either way, this little speaker is pretty awesome!

***Just a warning, you will most likely break out in dance moves in mid-shower, so just be careful. Oh yeah, and that water bill may have a slight increase.

I loved mine so much that I got it as a gift for a friend, it's the perfect little treat for music lovers!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

thank you.

When Ben first arrived to Georgia, he told me that the base has a group of local ladies that worked in the kitchen, offering the boys 3 meals a day and separately, another handful of ladies doing their (and other military stationed on the base) laundry for the duration of their stay. At home, I cook the meals most of the times and always do the laundry, so to know he had those amenities made my heart feel comforted and grateful. A few days later, I called my momma and told her I wanted to do something to thank these women for everything.

After throwing around a few ideas, my mom said, "Why don't I make them some scarves?!" I loved it! So my sweet momma got to work on crocheting, then boxed up her handmade goodies and sent them off with a little letter I wrote. 

Yesterday, he gave them our "thank you" to for taking care of our boys.
They were really happy and even kind enough to pose for a picture, which Ben knew I would have wanted.

My heart feels full to have the opportunity to thank these ladies for their support (even if it's their job) of our military deployed overseas, my momma for making these beautiful scarves for these woman, and my husband for supporting my plan the entire time.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Spell of the sea

The ocean inspires me. 
Any time I feel alone, it's a place I can always run to for inclusion.
In turn when I crave solitude, it's a place I can run to for peace. 
The ocean, somehow always seems to know what to say with it's many colors and wildlife, welcoming you every time without judgement or reservation.

I spent the better part of Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at the beach. Between flipping through magazines, chatting with friends, 8AM yoga, and a walk along the pier watching all the fishermen patiently waiting for that big catch, it's there, always available to offer entertainment or serenity...
[Friday afternoon]

[Saturday Morning]

[Sunday afternoon]

Monday, July 14, 2014

refresh & revive

Yesterday, a friend invited me over for dinner, but after a weekend of a night on the town, beach yoga followed by probably too many hours in the sun...I just wanted a day to re-cooperate and prepare for the upcoming week. Do you do that? I think this mentality stems from our family rule growing up. During the weekend, you could go out, but one of the days was spent at home and with family. It's something I appreciate so much more now than I did growing up (like most things). So yesterday, I tidied up the house, walked across the street to get a mani/pedi (OPI No Spain No Gain), dyed my hair (back to black...again), and read on the back patio.
[Beatles tank: The Beat (this was actually the first thing I bought living out here in California) , Under tank: Kohls, Shorts: Target, Necklace: Forever 21, Shoes: Forever 21]

Another week...here we goooooooo!

Friday, July 11, 2014

a promise kept.

"When change is hard and not so nice, 
You listen to your heart the whole night through,
Your sunny someday will come one day soon to you."

I sure do miss you, my sweet. We haven't talked in a few days which is extra hard when you are over 7000 miles away, doing lord knows what. The girls and I went to 333 last night, one of our favorites when we want a little romantic evening. I was excited to watch the sunset over the pier from the restaurant.

Kim even brought wine back from her trip to Europe! I got a bottle from France and from Germany - YUMMMMMM. Saving them until you get home.
They are taking such good care of me, just like you asked them to.